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the letter w is made up of two screws
Williams Construction logo design: Lauren Smith Communication Design
an elephant logo with the word elephant on it's side and a box in the middle
21 Smart Box Logos For Inspiration - Designbeep
14.box logos
the google logo is shown on a white background with red, yellow and blue letters
Logos, Typography, and Type image inspiration on Designspiration
the silhouettes of two people's faces are shown against a yellow background with black butterfly wings
DESIGNMIND | Visuel Identitet & Branding | Vi skaber Brands
// logo design
four different types of white and black logos with blue letters on them, all in the same
Logo Templates from GraphicRiver
Ugly Dog Design's rebranding proves to be pleasantly attractive. The logo doesn't connect all of its lines, allowing the viewer to fill in the blanks. It's a simple black, white, and hint of blue design. The dog sits up on the "Ugly Dog Design" text that bookends the black words on each end of the blue center (same as the dog's eye).
two green leaves on white paper with watercolor paint splattered over them,
118 Interesting Logo Designs – Bashooka
The green splatter and the contrasted undertone forming the branches is a really cool effect that will catch the viewer's attention, making this ad pretty effective. Those color choices are also very effective because the viewer can get the sense of earthy/environmental ties with the company.