This is 5-year-old Vivian Mary Hartley, aka movie star Vivien Leigh, reading a book at the Bangalore Racetrack, in Bangalore, India, circa 1918.

Adorable Vintage Photos of Kids Reading

5 Year old Mary Hartley aka Vivien Leigh reading a book in the Bangalore racetrack in Bangalore, India, 1918

.love me my old trains.......

Steam train, Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India, 1983 by Steve McCurry. Steve McCurry is an American photographer who worked in photojournalism. His photograph "Afghan Girl" that appeared in the National Geographic magazine is his most famous work.

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VINTAGE: Very Rare old Indian Ads

'Bollywood Dreams' photographic series documents the vanishing world of old style Indian cinema. From website: "An elephant passes by a huge cinema advertisement billboard in Mumbai, India. In Mumbai, hand-painted have been almost entirely replaced by printed ones." Photo: Jonathan Torgovnik.

Cinema billboard advertising the film “Pukkar” and an elephant merging with rush hour traffic on Juhu Beach Road, Mumbai.