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The ever annoying Go Compare man is in another video in the series, this time they're in space. Although it is highly annoying this is good as people will remember it and the product/song. Aside from that it is a good setting due to the spacecraft instead of a car and one of the astronauts saying "so there is intelligent life in the universe after all"

Gio Compario in 'alien' TV ad

The advert for the Citreon C4 makes the car seem like a transformer, this could show the product is high tech or that it has certain features other cars don't, however this takes some thinking about to get to this point and therefore I think it isn't a good adverts.

Citroen C4 - Commercial

The Commercial for Oasis does not make very much sense, I do not think it does a very good at advertising the product as the family are negative about it at the beginning and that it also says nothing about the product itself.

Oasis Rubberduckzilla

This advert for the barclay card is not only great because it is, humorous, memorable and clever, it also shows the product off very well too, the contactless payment as he slides through the grocery market works quickly and easily as he slides past, this gives a good impression of the item

Barclay card advert- waterslide 2008 [HQ]

This UK road safety Commercial does a good job in getting drivers to be more cautious by affecting the conscious and morals of the driver, if they themselves have children I can imagine it being very eye opening

Think UK Road Safety Ad

Although completely hilarious, this advert is great at selling the product as it's implying that you're actually in the game when playing it, back in the 80s I think this would be much more believable to the kids and parents as video games were just starting to appear