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a cartoon character is standing in the woods with many signs attached to it's back
two teddy bears sitting at a table in front of a robot with a tea cup
Lonely Robot - Having Coffee With Best Friend...Priceless.Xx
a painting of a robot with a crown on it's head sitting next to other objects
a painting of a robot holding a green object
a painting of a robot standing on top of a grass covered field with his hand in the air
Catch of the Day, Matt Dixon
ArtStation - Catch of the Day
Design, Vintage Robot Art, Robot Design
Bounty Hunter, Eli Maffei
a painting of a robot and a snowman with a sign that says merry x'mas
In centuries too distant to imagine I will bring you improbable gifts, things that cannot exist: snowmen crafted of Martian ice, a cat that can never die, a bubble containing a siren's cry, the rusted corpse of Time. This is the immortal's Christmas... found in the darkest regions of little girl lost boy dreams. (Poem by Mikal Nyght, inspired by the artist's vision.)
Man, Resim
Lonely Robots Experiencing The Quiet Wonder Of The World ( Part 3 )
زندگی کا معنی 📚Fahim Diary