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a woman in white dress with her arms spread out and the words you have no need to travel anywhere, journey within yourself rumi
“You have no need to travel anywhere, journey within yourself.” #Rumi
a poem written in black ink on white paper with the words learn the alchemy true human beings know
The door will open
a person holding a lit candle in their hand with the words, he said, how long will you boil in the fire? i said, until i am pure rumi
a quote from rumi that reads, know then that the body is merly a garment, go seek the wearer, not the cloak
a blue flower with the quote those who don't want to change, let them sleep
Some refuse to change because it would require effort and growth...let them sleep their lives away.
a person standing on top of a pile of rocks wearing a raincoat and looking at the sky
Rumi (R.a)
birds are sitting on the edge of a wall with a quote from charlotte bronte
the words rumi can only learn to love by loving on a green and white background
We can only learn