Norfolk Sunrise & Sunset Images

Original Art Photography by Joe Lenton - samples of some of our images. Please visit our website -
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At the back of Wymondham Abbey in Norfolk are some ruins from an old part of the Abbey. This archway stands intact and almost looks like a gateway to another world with the fiery sunrise behind it!

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As the sun peeks over the horizon, we get a lovely sunstar effect. The dramatic clouds reflect off the water of the river

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This sunset reflection is a long exposure (30 seconds), smoothing out the water and giving the impression of movement in the clouds. It was taken at the UEA broad, Norwich, Norfolk, UK on a November evening in 2013.

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This was taken just after sunrise as I walked back round Whitlingham Broad in Norfolk. The angle put the rising sun behind the trees so I didn't get dazzled. The grass had a little dew/frost, which added to the atmosphere

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This #sunrise photo was taken this morning in Norfolk. As you can see, it was a frosty (& therefore cold!) start, but that only added to the beauty of the scene before me. Hope you enjoy the photo! #landscape It has also featured as the banner image on the RPS Facebook page

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This is a composite image made up of 3 long exposures (30 secs, 20 secs & 10 secs). The long exposure has smoothed out the water, making it almost mirror-like, whilst blurring the cloud movement. It was taken in November at Eaton Park in Norwich, Norfolk, UK

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