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Can Google Plus work after major design refresh? This is the million-dollar question, because in the minds of the few Google Plus is not dead it may be just resting and waiting for the perfect opportunity to pounce, but in others its just not going to work and will never be as powerful as other social media sites such as Facebook.

What are the best Best Google Plus pages to follow in April 2015? Google Plus is getting better with age as we all know, since being launched in 2011 it is growing with 2 billion G Plus profiles. It has been reported that 9% of these have publicly-posted content as reported by Business Insider UK. As you can see, it will be very hard to sieve through all the profile pages deciding who are good for you, so we will list a few to make life a little easier.

Tesco is using Google Plus to launch its one-to-one online beauty consultation service in the form of video conferencing. The way it all works is rather simple, consumers can get free confidential video consultations by booking them and then bloggers and industry experts will help them through Google Plus ‘hangouts’.

The Pope Francis will be holding a Google Plus Hangout today on building bridges with children. The G Plus Hangout will start at 15:00 WET (4pm CET) today February 5, 2015.

Google Plus Android reaches Facebook’s 1-5 billion install mark

Growing Google Plus followers by prioritizing - have many more to read, click on the photo.