Genre Conventions Of Thrillers

The following board presents conventions of Thriller movies
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The Narrative of a thriller focuses around a crime, for example in 'Taken' the central narrative comes from the kidnapping of a female teen and her friend in which her dad must resuce them both from thier kidnappers.

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Another convention of Thrillers consists of seeing the protagonist of the film being 'in peril' in the final few scenes before the resolution of the film is made. For example within 'Distrubia' before the anatagonist is over come it would appear the protaganist is in danger and is almost certain of being defeated by the anatagonist.

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The protaganist of Thrillers is seen to be 'fallible' and have an 'Achillies Heel' in other words the protganist despite having overall intelegance and strength thier weaknesses are exploited by the anatagonist. A clear example of this comes from 'Distrubia' in which the anatagonist makes the protaganist appear as a mentally unstable and disrespectful teen which causes wrong judgment and disbelife in anything he may say.

The enigma/main plot line of a thriller such as that of 'The Sixth Sense' is only fully resolved at the end of the film. For example when Dr Malcom is revealed to have been a dead person who needed to discover this for himself it is then made clear as to why no one else paid him any attention throughout the film (minus Cole Sear who 'can see dead people') and as to why his wife is seen to be grieving each night when he returns home.

Another convention of thrillers comes with the objectification of female charecters. For example within 'Distrubia' we as the audience are encoruaged to look at the female teenager who eventually partners up with the protaganist as someone to look at for there physical apperance rather than how they feel or there charecter traits.

The anatagonsit of a thriller is seen to create a complex web against the protagonist in which he or she is made to feel isloated and without any power/control over what the anatagonist is doing. For example within 'Disturbia' the Antagonist makes it appear as though the protagonist is making false accusations about his true nature and thereby making the protagnist seem to have no control or power and almost in a hopless position.

The title of the thriller can suggest weakness within the protaganist. A clear example of this comes from the thriller titled 'Disturbia' which clearly suggests the idea of mental distubance.

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