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Top 27 Funny Monkey Pictures is part of Animals - Do you love monkeys, and you are sick of watching old pictures of monkeys on social media Well try these top 27 funny pictures of monkeys Monkeys are primates There are around 260 different spec… Amazing Animals, Interesting Animals, Unusual Animals, Rare Animals, Animals Beautiful, Animals And Pets, Funny Animals, Monkeys Animals, Funny Monkeys

De Brazza's Monkey | Colorful Monkey | Information and Pictures | Pets Planet..

De Brazza's Monkey..

All primates have feelings. Primates, Mammals, Nature Animals, Animals And Pets, Wildlife Nature, Wild Animals, Beautiful Creatures, Animals Beautiful, Cute Baby Animals

when i was

. When I was the stream, when I was the forest, when I was still the field, when I was every hoof, foot, fin and wing, when I was the sky itself, no one ever asked me did I have a purpose, no one ever wondered was there anything I might need, for there was nothing I could not love. It was when I left all we once were that the agony began, the fear and questions came, and I wept, I wept. And tears I had never known before. So I returned to the river, I returned to the mountains. I asked for…

Tarsier under leaf. Each eye of the Tarsier is as large as its brain.Tarsiers are the only extant entirely carnivorous primates and considered vulnerable to extinction. Nature Animals, Animals And Pets, Baby Animals, Funny Animals, Cute Animals, Leaf Animals, Wild Animals, Primates, Mammals

Tarsier philippines

Very beautifull tarsier seen in bohol ( philippines )

a Tarsier Scary Or Cute? Cute Creatures, Beautiful Creatures, Animals Beautiful, Primates, Mammals, Reptiles, Rare Animals, Animals And Pets, Unique Animals

Is a Tarsier Scary Or Cute? | The Featured Creature

As I was googling and googling away information on the Philippine Tarsier it become increasingly clear that I could not decide if what I was looking at was a sweet, furrby like creature that deserved major cuddling, or if it was a demonic little piece of fluff that desired to steal my soul.

A tarsier in the Philippines. Photo by Andre Hoffman Ugly Animals, Cute Animals, Exotic Animals, Slow Loris, Hi Gorgeous, Weird Creatures, Crazy Dog, Cool Pets, Primates

Per-Andre Hoffmann

Photo by Per-Andre Hoffmann------------------The Philippine tarsier, (Tarsius syrichta) is very peculiar small animal. In fact it is one of the smallest known primates, no larger than a adult men's hand. Mostly active at night, it lives on a diet of insects. Folk traditions sometimes has it that tarsiers eat charcoal, but actually they retrieve the insects from (sometimes burned) wood. It can be found in the islands of Samar, Leyte, Bohol, and Mindanao in the Philippines.

Based on recent estimates there are approximately million species on Earth. Among those species were the common birds, dogs, cats and fishes but did you know that there are strange and weird … Weird Looking Animals, Unusual Animals, Rare Animals, Animals Beautiful, Animals Amazing, Primates, Mammals, Ugly Animals, Small Animals

Strangest And Rarest Animals In The World

I was looking for something else and i found this guy!!!! XD

Tiny Primate Communicates Secretly In Ultrasound The Philippine tarsier, a small nocturnal animal, has the world’s highest pitched primate vocalization ever documented. The distinctive tiny tarsier. Nocturnal Animals, Nature Animals, Baby Animals, Cute Animals, Primates, Mammals, Slow Loris, Discovery News, Baboon

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if your happy and you know it hug a tree . I'm a tarsier ! The Philippine Tarsier has been called “the world’s smallest monkey” or “smallest primate” by locals before. However, the Philippine Tarsier is neither a monkey nor the smallest primate. Unusual Animals, Rare Animals, Cute Baby Animals, Animals And Pets, Funny Animals, Happy Animals, Smiling Animals, Strange Animals, Wild Animals

17 fotos de animais que te farão rir (ou morrer de amor)

O mundo animal é maravilhoso em todos os sentidos, há animais de todos os tipos, tamanhos, domésticos, selvagens.... E aqueles que gostam de ser fotografados. Divirta-se vendo essas fotos de animais fazendo coisas completamente fora do comum: 17 - Ele só queria ser uma lagartixa 16 – Migos 15 – Patinho fai

The slow loris is the world’s only venemous primate. When threatened, it licks it its brachial glands (near its elbows), which produces venom, to deliver a painful bite. Zoo Animals, Animals And Pets, Funny Animals, Cute Animals, Unusual Animals, Wild Animals, Slow Loris, Primates, Mammals

Slow Lori

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