Why Buying a Distressed Property a Great Idea

Want to be able to choose flips with confidence? Learn the top 6 criteria to use when analyzing a house for flip potential!

Things You do not Want Around House to Live a Peaceful life

But we are just not talking about the people or the types of properties around. Neighbourhood is much more than the access

How to get a buying edge with pre-approved home loans

Home loan is the best option for buying homes for a majority of the section of the society. Those who can afford to pay the home money upfront,

Dress to sell: Qualities of a Real Estate Agent

Kroemer Mortgages @ Comox Valley BC on Vancouver Island: New Year! New Solutions!

Life After Retirement: Rented house is a Better option

Young first-home buyers have been big news lately, but people in their or also face trouble getting into the property market.

Budget 2017 is going to be a matter of Rejoice of home buyers

For the people living on the rent, buying own home is a dream and unfortunately for a majority of them it remains a dream that never comes tothe realisation

Is your house fire-proof?

You buy a house spending all of your life’s savings so that your family feel secure inside the four walls

Smart City Jaipur and its Impact on the real estate

Search wide range of verified Jaipur Property, real estate in jaipur, Apartments, Villas, Land/Plots in Smart City Jaipur. Investment in Jaipur Real Estate.

Smart Homes: Need of the hour

Samsung ARTIK Platform now to come with a new Integrated Bixby AI Feature - Tizen Experts

Ask for Completion Certificate before the Keys of Your Flat

Possession delays have become the truth of reality sector in India. More than a half of the buyers have made a peace with the fact that the project

Builder’s Floors: The Best of Individual Houses and Apartments

Builder’s Floors: The Best of Individual Houses and Apartments

Implication of Ban on Rs 500 and Rs1000 on the Indian Real Estate

On November 2016 evening, Prime Minister Modi, in his televised address to the nation, made Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes invalid, saying that it was aimed at curbing the “disease” of corruption and black money which have taken deep root.

Does the Property name Factor into Selling?

What’s in the name? We all have heard it, yet we all know that the name matters. It is an identity, it means existence.

Why the Home Buyers Today Seek the Closeness to Work or School?

When we calculate the number of hours that we spend in a year travelling to work