God Damn! That emperor Palpatine looks sick! These are surely some of the best Star Wars cosplays, I've seen till this date.   Fantastic!

Slave Leia Organa Cosplay by Alessandra Torressani

We need more of these cosplay talents in our communities...they are out on the field and elevating the games...Its just a delight to have these guys on social media...they have personally..influenced...me positively..and motivated me to focus on my cosplay...specially Jessica Nigri and Yaya Han...Who is your favorite cosplayer of all time?

As comic con season winds down, we’re taking a look back at the biggest draw of the comic con culture; the costumes. Cosplay – from the term costume play – is a hobby whose popularity has grown exponentially in the.

What's the most pathetic thing anyone has said to you while cosplaying? Read some from actual cosplayers!

7 Creepiest Things Said To The Cosplayers During Cosplaying! - World of Odd Balls