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a screen shot of the internet page for friends
harry potter and hermile are in the same room
12 years and still married
two pictures one with the caption'i had to pick every time each player in the game
a woman sitting in front of a tv screen with the caption's on it
a group of people playing with a frisbee in the street at night time
an image of some people that are talking to each other
40 Moments In Time That Were Hyped Back In The Day But Aged Oddly
an image of a woman making the middle finger sign with her hand and text that reads, if i could transform one person into something else else, i would
I'm sorry for all those years I hated you
two pictures of a woman sitting on a couch with a blanket over her head and another drawing of the same person
log in or sign up
someone is holding their hand on the waist of another person's skirt, and they are wearing bracelets
an image of a man and woman talking to each other on the set of tv
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