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Gandhari Ragini. Location: Basohli, Kathua District, Jammu and Kashmir, India. Date: ca 1710 CE


'Vipralabdha Nayika" (one deceived by her lover), also spelt Vipralabhdha, is a deceived heroine, who waited for her lover the whole night. She is depicted throwing away her jewellery as her lover did not keep his promise. Kangra, Himachal Pradesh, 20th century.:

Harsa Raga (Painting)

Harsa Raga. A woman is stretching her arms towards a prince standing in a grove. Kulu, c.1700-1710. Son of Bhairava.

Varadhana raga, son of Hindola, prince mounting horse, Kulu, ca. 1700-1710.

Todi Ragini (Painting)

Ragamala painting, in opaque watercolour on paper, illustration to the musical mode todi ragini. A girl holding floral sprays accompanied by a deer.

Lone maiden wrapped in shawl, Guler, Circa 1800 "The promise of spring and perhaps reunion with her lover is represented by the blossoms emerging between the plantain leaves and the row of red poppy flowers"

Kali dances while Shiva plays the drum, with ganas and female demons; a modern painting.