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Top 15 Best Chrome Extensions - 2020 | Safe Tricks

Google is one of the most popular Internet Browser which is available for Windows, MAC, and Android. It is one of the most potent browsers which provides various inbuilt capabilities like multi-threading, add a bookmark, save the page, etc. But we can also enhance its skills to do many other tasks with the of its […]

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Top 10 Best DNS Servers Sites - 2020 | Safe Tricks

We use the internet in our day to day life. Also, DNS servers play a vital role in accessing the internet. We do our various tasks using the internet and save our time. DNS is an abbreviation of Domain Name Service or System. DNS server resolves the website name to its IP address. We don’t […]

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Top 10 Best Android Interesting Games - 2020 | Safe Tricks

Android provides a popular platform for gaming to its smartphone and tablet users. Android offers many different types of Games for its users. It provides Games in Racing, Fighting, Adventure, shooting, etc. People like to play games to pass their free time. Android smartphones save our cost of playing games on expensive consoles. We do not […]

Top 10 Best Racing Games For Windows - 2020 Game Loft, Forza Motorsport 6, Need For Speed Rivals, Enjoy Car, Playground Games, Buying New Car, Different Games, Sports Car Racing, Roller Coaster

Top 10 Best Racing Games For Windows - 2020 | Safe Tricks

Games are a necessary part of life to release our daily tensions and workload. Microsoft Windows provides a Popular Platform for playing Games. We can play several games on Windows like Action, Racing, fighting, and adventure. People like to play games to pass their free time and for entertainment. Racing Games are more popular among […]

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Top 10 Best Flash Player Games - 2020 | Safe Tricks

A computer is a fantastic piece of technology. The best thing about a PC is that users can run custom software for whatever purpose they like. Hence, a PC can be used for various purposes like document processing, accounting, communications, web browsing, gaming, and much more. Two types of gamers play games on PC, ie. […]

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Top 10 Best DVD Burning Software For Windows - 2020 | Safe Tricks

Our generation has witnessed a lot of advancements in the development of computing technology. One of the most significant areas of progress in computers is Storage. Ten years from now, it would have been impossible to imagine USB drives of more than 2GB of hard disk drives with or more than 500GB storage. But today, […]

Top 10 Best Educational Games For Android - 2020 Stealth Technology, Latest Smartphones, Social Media Apps, Pink Phone Cases, Phone Logo, Vintage Telephone, Phone Stickers, Phone Hacks, Noise Reduction

Top 10 Best Educational Games For Android - 2020 | Safe Tricks

Apps make any mobile operating system stand up. People only consider a particular operating system according to the number of apps available on the platform. That is the main reason no other OS can stand a chance against Android and iOS. Even between these two, Android has a much higher number of apps available on […]

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100+ Best GBA Games List - 2020 (GameBoy Advance Games) | Safe Tricks

Gaming has evolved from a time pass to a full-fledged culture. And over the years, this has been possible due to the constant work and efforts of companies like Nintendo and Sony. While consoles were the thing to go for severe gaming and each company wanted to build the best gaming console there is, Nintendo […]

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50+ Best PS Vita Games List - 2020 | Safe Tricks

Whenever we think of gaming consoles, Sony is the first name that pops up in our heads. Sony is a leading manufacturer for gaming consoles, and its PlayStation brand is available across the world. The PlayStation range consists of both TV and portable gaming consoles. While PS 3 and PS 4 are the leading consoles […]

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30+ Best Rainmeter Skins For Windows To Download (Similar Themes) | Safe Tricks

Windows OS has always been very flexible when it comes to the installation of third-party software and applications. This software may range from accounting systems to something as simple as an image viewer. Before Windows 10, there was excellent support for 3rd party themes, but that doesn’t mean the customisation has come to a halt. […]

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Top 10 Best Webcam Software - 2020 | Safe Tricks

list of best webam software for pc, windows 10 8 7, mac, linux, android, ios, iphone, webcam software for streaming. best webcam app, tools, recorders, chat, calling, video, audio tools.

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Top 10 Best Linux Desktop Environments - 2020 | Safe Tricks

Today, the software has become the most significant part of any modern gadget. Users only want hardware that supports the latest software updates and is compatible with the latest software features. Due to this reason, most users love to tweak software along with upgrades in hardware. The best example here is the desktop machine. Software […]