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This is another example of my negative space drawings.

This is my example of "Lee Ufan" work I think the blue paint has worked out well however, I need to work out how to get the glue shown I need to try different paper/card. In this take it didn't show up because of the white sketch paper used.

This is my take on "Pablo Picasso- bust of a woman" I think my design come out very well and the use of the oil pastels as my media adds to the bright colours shown his piece.

This is "Pablo Picasso- bust of a woman" I like this design as it's abstract I think this is why I picked it because it is a portrait that's humorous and doesn't has to be precise and perfect. The colours complement each other and the green colour of the bust stands out the most.

This is "Leon Golub- Vietnam 2 1973 acrylic on linen." I didn't like this work because it was completely terrible and terrifying that it shows a young child in the middle of a war zone. On further viewing it does recognise the impact and terror young children go through on a daily basis. The impact of using greens, blacks, whites and browns show the link between the characters and the idea of the piece.

This is a photo of " Lee Ufan- from line 1978 oil paint and glue on canvus" I loved this painting because it literally pulled me in due to the vivid bright blue used at the top of the design. It's how the blue decreases to White it got me thinking how the artist done that then when I read the detail of the painting next to it it told me they had used a mixture of paint and glue. It works excellent together.

This is my sketch on "Aideen Cusack Leggett -Dance Wallpaper pencil on paper 2013" I really loved this sketch as it gives off a delicate feeling due to the HB pencil used and it reminds me of ballet dancers which links with the name of the design.

This is my sketch of my attempt at "Andy Black-Field in on paper 2012" I believe it has worked out well with the different details within the sketch. However, next time I am going to try different medias maybe charcoal as I can get a better take on shading round and in certain parts of the design.

This is my journey page I have documented it in drawings it has elements of parts of different works I have seen throughout the museum. I believe it has worked out well and I really enjoyed it however, I am going to try a different approach next time try to think outside of the box more.

This is another example of a negative space drawing.