Pallavi Singh

Pallavi Singh

Directioner🙈 ....i love the whole one D band their songs incredible!! but truly in love with naill and harry !!! and yeah cant forget zyan !!
Pallavi Singh
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One Direction

I absolutely despise the people at my school who say "I absolutely love one directions new song steal my girl, but I hate them. Like get a real life! Grrr, it infuriates me!

OF COURSE. as i'm repinning this, Forever Young comes on my iPod. cool. just gonna go cry now.

:) Exactly one day after my birthday. One Direction was my birthday present

Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson

Harry and Louis. Not Larry Stylinson. They're best friends not a couple. Larry should be used on friendly terms not realontionship terms.<<< Only if you're cool with being completely wrong.