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four pictures of children laying on the ground with hearts drawn on them and one child lying down
Behold: Her Favorite Mother's Day Gift of All Time
a star of david ornament made out of blue and white speckles
15 Holidays Around the World Activities - Mrs. D's Corner
paper plate crowns made out of construction paper
Adorable Paper Plate Crown Craft for Kids
tie - dyed turkey paper plate craft with the words, tie - dyed turkey on it
Coffee Filter Turkey Activity - Busy Kids Happy Mom!
Taste Safe Snow for the Holidays! ❄️ #sensoryplay #kidsactivities
Super easy and fun indoor toddler motor skills activity! A you need is a box, states & a pool noodle
Fine motor skills play activity - Make your own play tongs!
Fruit Loop Rainbow Craft
Paper Plate Snowglobe
Rainbow Fingerprint Craft
How-to use Glue Sponges in Kindergarten
Heart craft using a hot glue hack for making geometric shapes and staying in the lines!
Colored Pasta Activities
DIY craft stick puzzle. Draw your own pictures or grab our free printable!