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a blue lit up pac - man game in the middle of a dark room with neon lights
Bud Light Super Bowl 2015 TV Spot, 'Real Life PacMan #UpForWhatever'
people playing a game on a table with an interactive maze in the middle and several small figurines surrounding it
Play testing my new Pac Man inspired Heroclix map.
a woman leaning against a yellow wall with orange and white pillows on it's sides
Amazing Enironment Graphic Design
whirlwind prize gift game machine
a woman standing in front of a machine with buttons on it's sides and wheels
people are standing in the middle of a green maze
a board game is being played in front of a group of people on the sidewalk
HFA | Fully Integrated Architecture + Engineering
an inflatable playground with people playing on it
Craig & Karl’s graphic Canary Wharf minigolf installation is a colourful addition to London's business district
We have your foreseeable summer months mapped out, and it involves a nine-hole course, immersive design, and realising how bad your golf swing is with Minigolf – open today for evening play.
four metal gears on display in a glass case with information about them and their names
Gateway to the Gates Foundation: Visitor Center by Olson Kundig - Interior Design
three old fashioned payphones are lined up against the wall, one is red and green
Bottom-up Social Structure's Reshaping: the case of "Project Row Houses" | | Flash Art
a woman standing in front of a store window with red ribbon on it's display
Mecca Max Launch Claw Machine