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best Banana Coconut Chicken Tenders with Orange Marmalade Dip Recipe

Bursting with tropical flavor, these crunchy chicken tenders are coated in banana, rolled in coconut flakes, baked to perfection, and dipped in a sweet orange marmalade sauce.

Banana Pudding.  Homemade is easy to make and more flavorful than pre-packaged mix. Perfect for summer picnics.

Creamy and easy banana pudding puts on its red, white and blue for a tasty dessert that will be the star of the show. Layer sweet summer strawberries with blueberries or sprinkle them on top for a dazzling display.

Repin and Win #ChiquitaChallenge Week 3 // Chiquita Banana Cornbread Recipe. Bananas and wheat flour make a moister, denser, more flavorful cornbread.

Quick Chiquita Banana Cornbread - Bananas and wheat flour make a moister, denser, more flavorful cornbread.

banana pudding bread

What else are you going to do with rotten overripe bananas? Make Banana Bread. Here is our family's Banana Pudding Bread cup.

"fried" bananas with honey and cinnamon

Fried Honey Banana = Coconut Oil Cook­ing Spray tea­spoon Cin­na­mon 1 organic banana 1 table­spoon organic table­spoon water. fry banana on med heat. mix together water and honey. turn off heat and drizzle honey/water mixture on top.

Best Chiquita Banana Ice Cream (add graham crackers or nilla wafers for a banana cream pie flavor)

best Chiquita Banana Ice Cream Recipe - I can cut the sugar in half and it still tastes great! I also need to cut the whole recipe in half to fit in my tiny ice cream maker, but it comes out with a great texture.