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CHIKA ( summer bikini )

ahoge arm up armband bare arms bare shoulders bikini blush bow breasts brown hair candy cleavage clover hair ornament collarbone erect nipples food front-tie bikini front-tie top hair bow hair ornament hairpin hand up highres knees up looking at

"Hoshi Shouko" "Koshimizu Sachiko" "Shirasaka Koume"

"Hoshi Shouko" "Koshimizu Sachiko" "Shirasaka Koume"

Sweet Lolita Headdress Cat Claw Pattern

Being the most beautiful Lolita princess, Milanoo Lolitashow Sweet Lolita Headdress Cat Claw Pattern couples with sweet styles and comfortable materials at affordable prices.

Reminder:  The [-▲-headband with horns-▲-] is available at >>>

Unless specified, the jewelries and petticoat on the photo are not included. If you want the perfect match with the photos, p