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This blue copper turquoise gemstone supported by the silver frame looks not only classy but royal. Pair up this beautiful pendant with any formal dress and wear a different look at your workplace. How are you going to pair it up?

Glamorous as well as subtle in look, these earrings are perfect for a cocktail dress or a shimmer dress for a nightout with friends or your date.

Try this Pink Opal earring with your cocktail dress for a party and you are good to go. This abstract design of the earring will give you a unique look everywhere.

It has this lusturous silver, and to add to it the stone with rainbow colors, what else would a woman want to accompany her loud personality? Designed for the woman who is bold and lives life on her own terms.

The blue mohave earring bordered by sterling silver is an eye pleasing composition in its own. This piece of beauty is simple yet elegant and quite rare. You can pair it up with multiple colors of dresses and it wont disappoint you with its gorgeous outlook.

Truly said there is a shade of red for every woman. Whether you are a party person or a not so social bee, this earring is a must have in your collection. You can pair it up with your long cocktail dresses as well as classic ethnic saris. Be different. Look different. Leave a long lasting impression lady. :)