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an old record player with a painting on the back and inside it's case
an old fashioned record player sitting on top of a table
Vintage gramophone
a glass bell hanging from a ceiling in a room
Hexagonal Glass Hanging Lamp
Hexagonal Glass Hanging Lamp
a dresser with a mirror, lamp and other items on it in front of a painting
there is a vase with flowers and candles in front of two mirrors on the wall
a bed room with a neatly made bed and a night stand
a bedroom with a bed, nightstand and mirror on the side table in front of it
a chair and table in a room with pictures on the wall above it, along with other furniture
an open book and some papers on the floor next to a bed with a lamp
a living room filled with lots of furniture and books on top of a green couch
a living room filled with lots of furniture and a book shelf full of books next to a lamp
there is a sign that says pear's soap on the side of a mirror
Victorian Mahogany Bathroom Wall Mirror With Towel Rail (because you don't do new)
a bed with two pillows on it and a sign above the headboard that says, because i get used a lot about this combo
a person washing dishes in a sink with soap on the bottom and water running from it
Make Your Day
the curtains are lined up and ready to be hung
Making a Pair of Cottage Curtains in a Day - Tinsmiths' Cuttings