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FORGIVE YOURSELF - ARCHANGEL MICHAEL ENERGY CIRCLE : Use this Archangel Michael Energy Circle for Forgiving yourself and to get rid of many unwanted emotions... Presented in a Forgiveness Rainbow EC. By divakar manepalli

Wipe Your (Karmic) Debt (eases tight financial situations and health emergencies) Mantra: Lalitham Sadashivam Lalitham Chandrasekaram Additional Information: If you are in a tight financial situation, this mantra eases the situation and one will be saved from availing loan. There won’t be any financial hiccups, as you would always have money. This mantra helps reprogram your mind and thus your life. Life is decided (formed) by our karma, our thoughts, emotions and reactions to incidents in…

LEARN - be youthful; look youthful; rejuvenate (U) CRISP – dispel fatigue; feel refreshed; revitalize; enhance; rejuvenate; brighten (U) 83466746775-Anti aging gene BRING to near stop- Lloyd Mear Number