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...we like people ... what we don't like is meaningless interaction ...

Of course, we like people so long as we can dehumanize them into objects for analysis. j/k It's true that we don't like meaningless interaction, though.

Advice. The best advice I've ever gotten was said that I shouldn't be in a relationship with anyone whom I wouldn't marry, for it's a waste of time and takes you off the market. So don't worry about relationships. Build friendships. Spend time finding yourself.

I've always thought about relationships this way. If I can't see myself with this person for the rest of my life, I'm not wasting any more time than I need to with them. Simple as that. I have far more important things to worry about right now.

--it takes a while to read her, seconds to understand her, and a life time to forget her--

"it takes a while to read her seconds to love her and a life time to forget her. Her mind is a dictionary of sadness and heartache, and her heart is a poetry book for the hopeless." Unknown but gifted poet