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Mag na Dhokla

Moong dal or 'mag na' dhoklas are a favourite breakfast recipe of gujaratis. Not only are these dhoklas very simple to prepare, they can also be made well in advance. To enhance its flavour and nutritive value, add some grated carrots or ground peas to the batter. Serve with low calorie green chutney.


Makes 12-14 pakoras

methi na gota or gujarati methi pakora - soft and crisp fenugreek fritters made with gram flour, banana and fenugreek leaves. #vegan #fritters #pakora #Indianfood #methi


Ghughra, Vatana na Ghughra, Green Peas Ghughra

Ghughra ( Gujarati Recipe)


Khandvi – Gujarati Snack


Vegetable Rice Cake

A nutritious recipe made using instant dhokla mixture and vegetables cooked in a pan. A quick variation of the traditional gujarati snack, handvo.

Gajar Marcha Nu Sambhaariyu ( Gujarati

Gajar Marcha nu Sambhaariyu, a delectable accompaniment ready in minutes! carrots and capsicum, sautéed lightly with mustard seeds and tossed in a spicy masala.

Surti butter,Jeera butter biscuits

Desi Fiesta : Rajasthani Cuisine - Gatte ki sabzi

Methi Muthia Steamed and Fried

Steamed & fried

Methi Muthia Steamed and Fried

Panchkutiyu Shaak ( Gujarati

Panchkutiyu Shaak, a sumptuous preparation of five types of vegetables cooked in a gujarati style coriander and coconut masala. The combination of vegetables with methi muthia makes this dish comparable to oondhiya.