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potted plants are sitting on shelves in the corner of a room with glass windows
Balcony garden decoration 🌿
a potted plant sitting on top of a wooden table
Pot painting #moneyplant, #potpainting
an art work is displayed on a table next to some plants and beaded bracelets
Mandala Collage
an open book with a colorful tag on it
Book Mark 💌
an open book with colorful leaves on it and the shadow of a person's hand
Book mark 💌
Designed with Gelly rolls
a wine bottle is decorated with fruit and vegetables on it's side, as well as an old fashioned cork
Fruit bottle
Clay art on bottle
a painting of sunflowers on a blue background
Sunflower 🌻
Let your soul shine ✨
an intricately designed plate with butterflies on it
a card with a dragonfly on it next to some watercolor paints and a pencil
a red rug with an intricate design on it
Medium water colour
an open book with a tassel on top of it next to a flower decoration
three colorful circles are shown on a metal surface, one has been painted with acrylic paint and the other is made out of glass
Dot art on cd
Medium acrylic colour
this is an image of a colorful flower painted on a black disk with yellow, green, red and blue dots
a black disk with colorful designs on it
Dot art
a drawing of two green leaves on a white paper with swirls and circles in the background
Crazy whorls 🌱
Doodle art