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4 Moves For A Strong Core
Strengthen your core with this routine 👇 Complete 4 rounds of: • 1️⃣ Weighted dead bugs (x 5 reps/side) • 3️⃣ Hollow body press (x 5 reps/side) • 2️⃣ Plank row (x 5 reps/side) • 4️⃣ Single arm/single leg plank (x 15 sec/side) Friendly reminders: • 💕 work slowly and with control (ideally, each exercise will take >30-45 seconds to complete) • 💕 focus all attention on the core; the goal of this workout is to avoid any movement of the spine, regardless of what our arms and legs are doing • 💕 rest 20-30 seconds between exercises; this will enable us to use maximal strength in the next exercise • 💕 if form is starting to deteriorate, take a short rest then resume the set (this is perfectly okay. Over time, we'll build strength and endurance to complete more repetitions before
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Keep, really! You can do this lazy work while scrolling the feed or just texting🤳👀 Do 3 rounds of 25 reps of each move, rest for 30 sec in between exercises 🔥
Complete each exercise for 10-12 reps and 3-4 sets. Find more workouts like this one on our STRNG fitness app where you can try our training & nutrition plans FREE for 14 days. Visit the website to get started 🙌 #gluteworkout #glutes #summerbody #fitness #workout
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Perfect exercise for moms to strengthen their entire core… pulling the bands down targets the muscle
Perfect exercise for moms to strengthen their entire core… pulling the bands down targets the muscles pulling your ribs down. The glute bridge targets your entire core. For more of a challenge you can alternate lifting a leg while lifting your hips. #diastasisrectiexercises #newmomsoftiktok #newmoms #diastasisabdominal
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