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Dhanurasana - Bow Pose✨
“Discipline is not something that is imposed from the outside; it means making a choice for yourself. Discipline paves the way for transformation. In the beginning it takes great effort to place yourself into the fiery center of experience. When we remain centered, observing and calm in moments of difficulty, what once felt impossible becomes effortless” - @anandahannah bends in @aloyoga #yoga #aloyoga #yogainspiration #alo #yogaquotes
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Top 10 Exercises For Piriformis Syndrome To Help You Get Rid Of Your Pain – Piriformis Stretches To Remove Hip And Lower Back Pain
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CORE WORKOUT! 💦 -Yoga Practice
Video credit: @yoga_ky The workout: 1. Knee to opp elbow twists (each side) 2. Side V-ups (each side) 3. Sprinter Sit-ups 4. Mermaid Side Planks (each side) 5. Candle Sticks #yoga #yogaposes #beginners #tutorial #yogainspiration #pose #yogatutorial #fitness #yogadaily #splits #handstands
Core workout | Strong Core | Fit over 40 | Core tutorial | Core exercises |