Gary Bunt | The Christmas List

Man, I love this Gary Bunt painting. Really don't love winter, but there's one or two mornings each season that are just perfection.

Gary Bunt

I'm laughing stock around here My master and his other half Dress Me Up like A Bloomin Deer.

GARY BUNT  (43) The Broom I was feeling a little bored today So I thought just for a laugh I'd go and grab the old boy's broom While he tried to sweep the path Leave!! He said bad dog!!! He said Go and sit by the door I didn't take any notice of him And tugged it even more

GARY BUNT The Broom I was feeling a little bored today So I thought just…

カイ: Gary Bunt...

The Visitor ~ Gary Bunt ~ I look out from my window Far across the sea Waiting for the visitor Waiting patiently.

Gary Bunt | (05) Lean on Me

Lean on Me. Naive Painting by contemporary British artist Gary Bunt

Gary Bunt - Counting Waves

When he was just a little boyHe played upon this beachAll those years, all those tidesAre now beyond his reachBut still amazed he counted wavesAs each one came and wentInside his heart he\'s still a boyAlthough his back\'s now bent

Gary Bunt | A Hint of Sage

I take the dog out for a walkI haven\'t been gone for longI asked you for a hint of sageThat colour is totally wrong

Gary Bunt | Sail On

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fisherman's prayer - Gary Bunt: A fisherman dropped a pebble Into the deep blue sea He said Dear God please bless my boat And bless my family.


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Gary Bunt | Widgeon

Gary Bunt - Widgeon: Down on the harbour 3 fishermen sat Having a smoke Having a chat Amongst the nets and lobster pots There were plenty of fishermen's tales to swap