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A Basic Skirt Block Making using PAD Program [PAD System Tutorial]
If you're in the fashion industry, you've probably heard of the PAD system. It's a go-to program for pattern making and perfect whether you're just starting out or already a pro. It's super accessible and easy to learn. In this video, I'll walk you through how to create a basic skirt block using the PAD program. Let's dive in and get creative together!
How to export PAD file to PDF file, so that you can sell the patterns or print patterns home.
If you're into pattern making, you'll love the PAD system. It's fantastic for creating patterns. In this video, I'll show you how to export your PAD patterns to Illustrator, so you can save them as a PDF to sell or print at home. Join me and let's make this process easy and fun!
How to set up piece info and why you need to do it [PAD system Tutorial I Digital Pattern Making]
Ever heard of the PAD program for making patterns? It's pretty awesome! In my latest video, I'll walk you through using Piece Info – we'll cover what it is, how to fill it out, and how it helps when plotting your pattern pieces. It's all about making pattern-making easier and more efficient. So grab a seat and let's dive into the world of digital pattern-making together!
Automatic Marker Making with PAD [PAD System Tutorial]
Hey, let's talk about marker making – it's a key part of the garment manufacturing process that often doesn't get enough love. In this video, I'll show you how to make the most of the PAD system's automatic marker making feature to make your workflow smoother. Get ready to streamline your process and have some fun along the way!
How to Create Jacket Front Facing from Front Body using PAD system [ Digital Pattern Making]
Hey there! Today's video is all about making front jacket facings using the PAD system. I'll walk you through each step, showing you how to create front facings from the front blazer pattern piece. Plus, I'll give you a peek at all the tools I use to make these front facings. So grab a seat, relax, and let's dive into some pattern-making fun together!
How to Add Seam Allowance using PAD program [PAD system Tutorial I Digital Pattern Making]
Hey, ever heard of the PAD system? It's a cool program for making patterns, and I've got a nifty video to show you how to add some seam allowance onto those sleeve patterns. We're diving into the art of seam allowance addition and making sure those corners are spot-on for smooth sewing. Join me for some pattern magic – it's gonna be fun and super useful!
How to set up Fabric List on PAD program [PAD system Tutorial I Digital Pattern Making]
The PAD system is an excellent software for creating patterns. In this video, I demonstrate how to build up a fabric list. You will learn how to build up a fabric list step by step, as well as the benefits of doing so effectively.
Sleeve & Hood Grading with PAD system [ PAD system tutorial]
he PAD system is a total game-changer for pattern making – from drafting to grading and marker making, it's got you covered! Imagine saving heaps of time and space in your workspace by diving into the digital pattern world. In this video, I'm spilling the beans on some awesome tools and techniques for grading using the PAD system.
Plan view vs Piece view in PAD program [PAD System Tutorial, Digital Pattern Design]
Ever wondered about the magic behind the PAD system for creating patterns? Well, in this video, I'm your guide to unraveling the mysteries of plan view and piece view. It's like a dance between the two, and I'll show you the steps! We're crafting a skirt pattern together, and I'll spill the beans on what happens when we tweak things in the plan view.
How To Grade Patterns With PAD [PAD System Tutorial]
I show you how to use the "Grading Working Sizes" option. You will discover how to create size names and size groupings. I'll go over the distinction between size names and size groupings. Following the creation of grading sizes, you must input the amount on each point to grade. This may be found under the "Grading Info" option.
PAD Work Example_T-Shirt Alteration [PAD System Tutorial]
You may see some of my work in this video. Following the fitting, the designers desired to decrease the T-shirt length, expand the neck, and shorten the shoulder and chest. I will demonstrate the menus and tools required to make it happen.
Customized Hotkeys for your specific needs in PAD system [PAD System Tutorial]
I'm about to take your productivity to the next level in this video. We are all aware that time is valuable. That is why we are going to explore the amazing features of the PAD system, hotkeys, which, believe me, may be a game-changer for your workflow.
PAD Exercise_Basic T-Shirt Pattern Making [PAD System Tutorial]
This tutorial is based on the exercise manual published by PAD System for PAD users. If you are learning the PAD method, it is important to practice. This step-by-step guide explains what tools to use, where to use them, and how to utilize them.
Adding Seam Allowance On Piece View_Hood Zip Up [PAD System Tutorial]
During this lesson, I will guide you through the process of placing the pattern pieces on the piece view, which will be essential in transferring them onto your marker. It's important to ensure you have the correct amount of seam allowance and accurately placed notches. To further streamline the cutting process, don't forget to clearly label each piece, indicating pattern name, piece name, and whether it's a single piece or a pair. And, of course, let's not forget to mention the fabric name!
Setting The Patterns On Plan View_Hood Zip Up [PAD System Tutorial]
In the video, I show you how to create the patterns on the Plan View and what should be done with the created patterns. You want to remove all the unnecessary points and segments on the patterns. You might want to have notches at some points. And you need to label all the patterns correctly. You will learn all of the above through this video.