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1800s ~ London children workhouse For the next time my classes complain about how much homework they have.

My Great-great-great grandmother ended her days as an inmate of Windsor workhouse. Born in the early 1800's she ran a pub until she was well into her eighties. But when you were too old to work and support yourself and your family couldn't support you, this was your only option.

Hackney Hospital, formerly the Union Workhouse ~ built in 1841 as a workhouse. In 1930, the workhouse came under the control of the London County Council, becoming Hackney Hospital. The final hospital departments closed in 1995. Described as "arguably the worst general hospital psychiatric facility in the country. The site was cramped & the monolithic workhouse became ill suited to modern medical standards."

Workhouse Uniform ----- At Bristol, in the 1830s, for example, prostitutes wore a yellow dress, and unmarried pregnant women a red one.