In 1961, Ebony ran photos of Al Minns and Leon James demonstrating famous dances. Hi-res scans of all three pages at link!

Al Minns and Leon James demonstrate some jazz steps, from August 1961 Ebony magazine article on the history of American social dancing.

northern soul.

northern soul I love the silhouette and the use of Photoshop to make the northern soul records be in the body also the use of colour contrasting with the white background

Wigan Casino

Here we have “Put Your Arms Around Me” by The Sherrys, the first ever song to be played at the Wigan Casino. Get to the dance floor, throw some shapes and enjoy this classic of northern soul!

Soul Survivors: Wigan Casino Story

Soul Survivors: Wigan Casino Story 50 and surviving, Graham Jackson nearest the camera from wolverhampton.