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Best morning-after breakfast

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Strawberry buckwheat pancakes

Homemade cinnamon and lemon crumpets with raspberries and honey

Crumpets are so easy to make and work really well as a summer brunch or pudding. I use metal rings to make them because they help the batter rise into a lovely thick crumpet.

Bircher muesli

Craving something sweet? In need of an energy boost? These superfood snack bites will be your new go-to. They're filled with healthy, all-natural ingredients that combine to make a delicious guilt-free snack.

Breakfast couscous

Get the perfect start to the day with this healthy, high protein breakfast of couscous, raisins, silvered almonds, pine nuts and pistachios in warm milk.

[Jamie Oliver's Hot Cross Buns]. The cross-bread was eaten by pagan Saxons in honor of Easter, their goddess of light. The Mexicans and Peruvians are shown to have had a similar custom. The custom, in fact, was practically universal, and the early Church adroitly adopted these pagan practices, grafting it on to the Eucharist and so giving us the hot crossbun.

Jools’ breakfast on the go