Sarah-Anne Smith

Sarah-Anne Smith

England  ·  Mother, wife, and librarian in one. I like the weird and wonderful, the creative arts, beautiful things, beautiful people, beautiful places.
Sarah-Anne Smith
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Woolworth's mini cans!

Mr blobby juice from woolworths.

I had this!!!

Vintage toy songbird sweetshop - I have fond memories of playing with this when little, mainly just empty sweet jars left though!

Tizer. Known as 'your granddad's pop', a drink we only seemed to have at my grandparent's house.

Tizer wonderful orange fizzy stuff, but Mummy would only buy it for parties. We felt very hard done by compared to our cousins who had it all the time.

80's christmas ceiling decorations - Google Search

christmas ceiling decorations - we had some exactly like this and they very much had their own distinctive smell. They smelt like Christmas decorations from the

Galaxy High!! My bro got me the complete series on dvd I was like AWESOME!!!!!!

All about Galaxy High School, the 1986 saturday morning cartoon show about two earthlings that go to an intergalactic high school with all sorts of aliens