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Wallach Surgical Products

Wallach designs innovative medical technologies that ensure effective treatment and improved outcomes for patients undergoing a wide range of medical procedures.
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Wallach LifeDop® 350 Series (Different Versions) wallach, LifeDop® 350, 350 series, doppler, fetal

Wallach LifeDop® 150 Series (Different Versions) wallach, LifeDop® 150, 150 series, doppler, fetal

Wallach L450VA Vista ABI™ Vascular System Wallach, L450VA, Vista ABI™, vascular, system, doppler, imaging

Wallach 907051 Hegar dilator set of 8 (3/4 - 17/18) Wallach, hegar, dilator, set of 8, (3/4 - 17/18)

Wallach Endocell™ (Different Quantities) Wallach, Endocell™, simple, manual, suction, process