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Arco Wallcovering A stunning non-woven wallcovering with great movement and texture. Featuring an ornate gothic design displayed in columns, printed in shades of indigo blue with metallic gold highlights.


Brocatello Damask Wallpaper A grand wallpaper shown in bright shades of peacock blue and green, featuring the iconic Brocatello damask design. The damask has been printed with light reflective inks to create an extra dimension while the backdrop has a subtle textured appearance, reminiscent of the original fabric on which this design is based.

Trelawny Damask Wallpaper This large-scale Trelawny Damask design is a traditional pattern that has been translated to a cleaner shape in 7 versatile colourways, such as this navy blue.

Parterre Trellis Wallpaper A delicate trellis design inspired by the intricate garden designs of 16th and 17th century France in shades of blue on an off white background.

Vues d'Italie Wallpaper Pictorial wallpaper showing framed monuments in Italy with aerial street map in the background, in white, and dark blue on a french blue background.

Designers Guild Sukumala Lino Paste the Wall Wallpaper

Arini Wallpaper A striking wallpaper featuring holographic foil parrots with cerise and jade plumage. The tropical birds are set against vines on an inky blue backdrop with a subtle pattern mimicking feathers.