Peugeot Foodtruck

The Peugeot Foodtruck was dreamt up by the Peugeot Design Lab, combining innovative new experiences to deliver high-quality food on the go.
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The Peugeot Foodtruck concept is an automobile, which, once parked, becomes a food truck unlike any other.

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Peugeot has selected the talented French chef Sven Chartier, of Saturne and Le Clown Bar in Paris, as the first culinary tenant of Le Bistrot du Lion.

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The Peugeot Foodtruck features professional-grade preparation and cooking appliances in order to adapt to the inspiration and talents of any chef and type of cuisine, from fine dining to fusion and molecular gastronomy.

To make sure everyone gets the most out of the experience, the Peugeot Foodtruck comes equipped with everything needed to feed 30 patrons comfortably inside Le Bistrot du Lion, with a collection of standing tables all shaded under Umbrosa parasols.

The Peugeot Foodtruck - 'Le Bistrot du Lion' is also designed to recuperate and recycle all waste and ensure that once folded up, Le Bistrot Du Lion leaves the city in exactly the same state as when it arrived.

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