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The Chord Buddy is the best way to learn guitar in no time.This device can fit any guitar may be electric or acoustic and makes it easy to play chords.


Stress relief earth magnets are cool toy for people of all ages.They the ability to alleviate stress and give it properties unlike any other item on earth.


Take photography to new depths with waterproof camera case by performing underwater shots.This features UV coating polycarbonate on the lens for protection.


Ultra portable dolly system is crafted with superior materials. Designed with immense flexibility & unique body it can support camera rigs up to 9 kgs.

Coiled wax candle than burn for 144 hours and will auto-extinguish themselves making them safer than your traditional candle.Global shipment available.

New Age Of Drones - Can you imagine a drone navigation system that allows these vehicles to navigate without relying on a GPS signal or trained personnel ?

Freak out everyone with this unique weed stash pillowcase which resembles stash of weed with an aromatherapy stash packet to frighten any anti-weed person.