A large copper kettle used to hang in Ledbury's High Street. Now it's in the Butcher Row House, Church Lane - a tiny museum crammed with strange old things. Notice the 'serpent', a wind instrument, on the back wall. [Philip Weaver]

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Up one of Ledbury's many alleys, near the Top Cross, there is a large guinness bottle on the wall ! [Philip Weaver]

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Alfred Stringer, chemist and grocer on Ledbury's Homend in the nineteenth century, printed a series of jokes to advertise his business. Here a street urchin is suggesting to a sober policeman out for a Sunday stroll with his respectable wife, that he has in fact just arrested her for disorderly behaviour - most "howdacious", as the caption suggests. This and others can be seen in Ledbury's Butcher Row House.

HMS Ledbury is a mines counter measures vessel. She is named after Ledbury Hunt rather than the Town but the crew regularly parade through Ledbury. The present ship was built in 1981. A previous HMS Ledbury, then an Escort Destroyer, protected the convoys to supply Malta in 1942 and, equally dangerously, accompanied the convoys supplying the Soviets at Archangel. Ledbury's Butcher Row House has photos of the 1942 ship and her brave crew.

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