What an absolutely beautiful story and a beautiful human being. Money in the right hands can do so much good, giving in and accepting poverty or mediocrity helps no one. TRULY INSPIRING Imagine yourself building a business and being able to say "I earned more money than I knew what to do with" What would you do? what causes would you support? who would you help? what would your impact be? If Xiong Shuihua can achieve this, why not me? why not you?

Speaking at Synergy Property Investing. Thanks for a lovely evening everyone :)

Millionaires Together Property Investment Training and Support Programme starts 16th September 2014. Proudly Presented by Phil Martin (The Property Encyclopedia)

I think this is excellent and so much fairer to both sellers and buyer's. Clarity on the new rates is here http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/sdlt/rates-tables.htm#4 Phil Martin

There is more to this case that is apparent on first glance. For a residential mortgage to be put in place... by PhilMartinProperty

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