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Art and Life: ‘you cannot tell where one begins and the other ends’


the amazing grave of Alfred Wallis, a famous English primitive painter who died in 1945. Wallis who was a fisherman with no formal training started painting when his wife died, using whatever materials came to hand, including Driftwood and cardboard. Unfortunately, like many others, Wallis was poor and didn't become famous until after his death.

ALFRED WALLIS: Detail of the tombstone of the St Ives artist. 'Celebrated for his "primitive" style of painting, Wallis died in the poor house in Madron. It was the artistic fraternity in St Ives who clubbed together to make sure Wallis did not end up in a pauper's grave and they who made this elaborate tombstone. The tiles are by Bernard Leach and depict the tiny mariner at the foot of a lighthouse. The grave is in Barnoon Cemetery which overlooks the rugged Porthmeor beach.' ✫ღ⊰n