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a woman sitting on top of two fish in an aquarium
Trippy Art | Mixed Media Collage | Pisces Girl | Vintage Magazine Scraps | Retro Print | Black and White Photography | Underwater | Mermaid | Ocean | Make Believe | Fantasy | Sci-Fi.
a black and white photo of a man with a hat on top of his head
Isabel Reitemeyer . Collage
a drawing of a man with his head turned to the side, wearing a black coat
Interview: Gemma Anton – Collage Artist
an image of a man standing on a ladder with all seeing eyes
a man and two children with their mouths open sitting in front of a grill on the beach
Food Collage 20x15cm 2000 #collage #handmade
a man climbing up the side of a set of stairs next to a giant rock
All Fun & Games - Eugenia's Collages
All Fun & Games - Eugenia's Collages
a man and woman embracing each other in front of the night sky with stars behind them
this isn't happiness.
The Invisible Realm, Felipe Posada
some people are sitting on the beach and one is looking at the stars in the sky
a group of people floating on top of a pink balloon
Summer series
A summer inspired series of digital collages.
a painting of a woman looking at the moon
Beppe Conti
©Beppe Conti - Collage
four people are suspended in the air by strings over a field with flowers and grass
Absolutely stunning collages by Q-TA Art Director, Collage Artist from Tokyo.
several people are playing in the pool while others watch
Colagem Mais
a person sitting on top of a surfboard in front of a sky filled with stars
Unknown ~~ Desconhecido ~~ espaço ~~ galáxias ~~ art ~~ colagem ~~ surrealismo
two children sitting on top of a mountain with watermelon slices in front of them