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Kurt Cobain

" Distill the life that's inside of me " " Distillo la vita che è dentro di me" From to " Pennyroyal Tea " ( Nirvana, Kurt Cobain ) .

If you don't know him...keep it that way! Don't let curiosity win...It's for the best;)

If you don't know him...

FUNNY AT END. READ THE WHOLE THING ! <<< i know michael jackson, elvis presley and bob marley but i absolutley hate justin bieber or how i call him justin beaver

Funny band meem

I went to warped tour 2014 and of mice & men made a giant mosh pit and circle pit . Lets see how they last in there .) << the wall of death at warped. let's see how they handle that lol

While working as a booker at the Jagger Live Music Restaurant I had the pleasure to get to know old rock legends such as Ken Hensley (Uriah Heep) or Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow, Deep Purple) and to get a taste of the rock music business...

What Masculinity Looks Like on Pinterest These Days -

Motörhead - Have a fucking weekend . and don't forget to Rock'n'Roll!P Lemmy.

The Joy of Listening to music through a vinyl record being played on real record player!✌

Wednesday Wisdom: Lose Yourself

The only thing that can make Linus forget about his blanket (classic Peanuts, records in comic books)

GAGBAY - Stereotypes...

uuuuhhhhhhh fucking retards I hate stereotypes before you judge do some fucking research.

Avenged Sevenfold minions Mini M.Shadows and Mini Synyster Gates

Avenged Sevenfold minions Mini M.Shadows and Mini Synyster Gates Haha love these I wonder if you can buy them somewhere I wanna buy a pair 😍❤️👍