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Merida FW 2016 by lunaloo21 on Polyvore

Merida FW 2016 by lunaloo21 on Polyvore

DIY Merida Costume (Adult)   Hair & Makeup Tutorials

DIY Merida Costume (Adult) + Hair & Makeup Tutorials

Learn how to make this Princess Merida costume from the movie Brave. This DIY Merida Costume can be worn short & saucy or with a long, full skirt for a more authentic look.

Simple, princess-y, pretty, but not vain. Just like Elizabeth!


Merida from "Brave." An adventurous, independent, fun redhead. One of my favorite Disney princesses.

Creative Illustrations by Lehuss

Princess Merida from "Brave" - The Bear and the Bow: by ~lehuss on deviantART

Day 5, Favorite Hero? Merida.  I definitely believe she was a hero.  She made some pretty big mistakes, but she also saved her mother and her brothers from being permanently turned into bears, and it would take a wicked courageous girl to sword fight your own father to protect what he sees as his greatest enemy.  I also just loved how different she was, and of course you gotta love that hair <3

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Merida, maybe in a year or two. Perhaps she's found young MacGuffin attractive, perhaps she's thinking about doing something with her hair.

THE HAIR! Merida really is a big inspiration in terms of hair and attitude. I'd like to see if I could find a pic of Merida-ish hair in a side braid.

Beautiful Merida Picture  tumblr_mervctyLpe1rdbn8ho1_1280.jpg (698×800)

"Some say fate is beyond our command, but I know better. Our destiny is within us. You just have to be brave enough to see it." I love Brave because it doesn't involve a Prince and it's just an amazing independent girl!