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Are you ready for Hajj? You have to be prepared for it. We have some great advice here:

Besides packing our bags and making sure our paperwork is in order, there is the spiritual preparation that's equally important. Get amazing, practical tips to make your Hajj memorable and beneficial.

Be it so that where ever I go, My Beloved Sal ALLAHu Alayhi wa Sallam comes too. In my mind and in my speech.  ____________________________ And all she craved was for her tongue to make Dhikr E Rasool all the time. And her heart to be beating with Noor of Rasool ALLAH emanating from it. To be lost inside Their Blessed Name. That's who she wanted to be. That's all she wanted to be. Lost. Because I'm that state she would have found her Beloved and the Creator. She wanted me crazy about her…

The Prophet PBUH was the most generous of all people, and he used to become more generous in

Kalbi dürüst olmadıkça, Kulun imanı doğru olmaz.. Dili doğru olmadıkça da kalbi doğru olmaz...     Hz. Muhammed (s.a.v) - Ravza Aşığı - Google+

Once Abu Bakr 's (radhi ALLAH anho) wife said to him: "I would like to have a sweet dish." Abu Bakr: "I have no money to arrange for the dish.

Check out this handy packing checking list before leaving for Hajj. Did you get everything?

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Baytullah (Kaabah) @ Masjid al-Haraam @ Makkah al-Mukarramah

Amal Stapley shares her unique reflections on Hajj & how important it is for Muslims!