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When someone makes you the happiest person and the saddest person at the same time, that's when it's real. That's when it's worth something.

It still breaks me every time I just think of you being with her. That's what hurts the most. Not that you moved on but that you chose her.

Frankly, it kills me every single night. But it seems that you have moved on so I guess I should try to do the same.

me in a

I am pieces of quotes from my favorite books stitched together by song lyrics and I am glued together by midnight conversations and the sweet taste of coffee and I have this tendency to fall apart suddenly

restlessinthewind:  Yes, I do!

An entry from rachel moger

You deserve flowers on your doorstep and coffee in the morning. You deserve notes left on your dashboard and ice cream sundaes at 3 am. You deserve honesty every day and to be kissed every hour. You deserve to be reminded how beautiful you are.

You thought of him didn't you? *warm n' fuzzy smile*.... I thought about Harry styles :P

Your eyes are blue and there beautiful. Your eyes are something I could look at forever and always be amazed. The shade of blue your eyes are are my favorite shade of blue because of you

This happens inside my head all the time. *Everything. You'd never imagine how's my mind was likexwhen you told me your story about 'her', and your past. I felt very dumb to show you mu feeling

I really didn't know, baby girl. I didn't know you'd end up becoming the love of my life. I didn't know I'd turn into the luckiest Time Lord in Gallifreyan history.

This could not be more true. I am going to start sending more flowers now

To The Kids Who... on

The most unlikely places.

Fuelism And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.

Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside. Coco Chanel knows true elegance and we LOVE it! Be like Coco Chanel and live an life with

Looooooooooove this!  And I can finally go back to be the sweetest, kindest, most loving version of me.   And I realized that when I said I wanted to take home the best woman in the world & she be the first, the only & the last... that it wasn't her.  I won't settle for less than the best.... I don't like excuses.  I don't like negativity.  She watched bad to make herself feel better.   I watch best & was frustrated that I was stuck with the worst!

Go to sleep erase them let it out let them go if you're unhappy with the way you are living you life change it --m.k quote, poem

Maybe you will finally stop hurting her

Do you understand NOW, Rich! Piece of shit.