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I’m Leaving The weaker version of me in 2016.

Силам зла придет звезда | Стар против сил зла!!

This Is The Cutest Baby Bird You Will Ever See

This is a baby button quail, the tiniest bird you will ever see. Cuteness overload.

a baby pig. IN BOOTS. Michael said I could have a piggy as soon as our dogs are grown and out of the house. I'm SO EXCITED!!

Aww~!! keke I wanna have a squishy too~ and i will name him D.O! keke or D.O will be my squishy~~ *hugs D.O* yehet~!! keke

The Royal Antelope is the world's smallest species of antelope, standing only 10-12 inches high as adults, and this little fawn is only about half of that height!