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Louise Marie-Thérèse, the Black Nun of Moret is rumoured to be the daughter of Maria Teresa of Spain, wife of Louis XIV of France. Apparently the Queen had an affair with her African attendant, Nabo, who came from Dahomey and was given to her as a gift. Louise Marie-Thérèse was whisked away secretly to the distant convent of Moret where she remained until her death in 1732.

One of the greatest things a father can do for his children is to love their mother and be faithful to her.

Seriously, I can't stand Marian. WHY EMMA! DID U REALLY HAVE TO BRING HER?!!!<<< I find it o weird how we haven't seen her all that much yet almost the entire fandom (myself included) hate her! But seriously! Let Regina have a happy ending for once!

Queen Serenity - omg one of my most favourite moments of Sailor Moon, even though it's so sad