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Photoshop Tutorial: Advanced lighting effects | Official Advanced Photoshop Blog

Photo Manipulation is an art of creating artwork by mixing photographs. Photo Manipulation is one of the most popular kind of digital art. So many designer

The Uncertainty Principle

Quantum Woo: The Uncertainty Principle

Quantum computers—theoretical machines which can process certain large and difficult problems exponentially faster than classical computers—have been a mainstay of science fiction for decades. But actually building one has proven incredibly challenging.

Digital Art inspiration

Best of 2012: Digital art

Neon Illustrations by Digimental Studio. Digimental Studio is located in London, and they definitely love their neon.


Ask and thou shalt receive… So here’s a new inspiration roundup packed with over 40 smashing illustrations, paintings and drawings published over the last couple of months.

Le Studio GMUNK - Visualization

ORA Systems HALO ou quand le Big Data flirte avec l'art

The Humming Dragonfly by Adam Spizak, via Behance

The Humming Dragonfly by Adam Spizak, via Behance

IS 3...2012

I'm a big lupe fiasco fan so this is actually pretty cool to me.