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This is so true on so many levels. I wish more time was spent getting to know a person's story! Whereas most only hear a few paragraphs and pass unrealist judgement, then repeat it. Stop Judging, Stop Repeating... Start Listening & Start Living.


Not a new year resolution . . . Not a better person . . . Not skinnier or healthier or more relaxed or more frugal or anything that I'm not that I have tried to be . . . Just a life long goal of being the best version of me.

word. I shouldn't compare myself to others. And the fact that I do it to fictional characters is even harder. I feel like I want to be just like a ranger. Silent, skilled, strong, brave in battle. But I'm not. I need to be myself and grow on my talents.

Best Friend Memories: I really miss the pair of inseperable twins. We shouldn't let words in between us, we are stronger than words. Don't let words tare down our sisterhood. I miss seeing you, talking to you, helping each other and the times and memories

What doesn’t kill you…

Does it, hell?! We lose our minds to find our souls, our hearts remain untainted. We lose the mind that we were taught before; we unlearn the wrong, and are retaught what is right. The the head and heart speak the same, and that is how you find your soul.